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The image shows the design of a key ring made from cactus leather and a money clip made from silver. Also, the image contains the design on paper we made for the silver money clip.

Vegan Leather

Handmade Crafted

Dan & Madalin draw in pencil

The year the project came to life


In 2021, while we walk our dogs through the park, together with a friend, we discuss our passion for creating handmade things and caring for nature. 
We thought of doing more with these things in common, and that's how Buddy Atelier appeared.

Launch of the first product


In early 2022, we launched our first product, made of vegan cactus leather and silver.

The year of testing


Last year, we tested various sustainable materials and created a wide range of product prototypes. This process helped us understand each material's potential and refine our designs. Soon, we're launching new products like bags, along with other items, using both familiar and new eco-friendly materials.

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