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Your on-the-go sustainable lifestyle deserves a multifaceted laptop sleeve that can keep up with you, even on your busiest days.

Nowadays, laptops are smaller and built to withstand the entire working day, negating the need to lug a heavy charger around—but most bags and laptop sleeves still feature bulky compartments for chargers that, more often than not, end up remaining unused. 

To us, unused means useless. So, we were inspired to revisit the idea of what a laptop sleeve could be. Slim and compact, our Vegan Brown Laptop Sleeve was designed for 13-inch laptops with the vision of letting you carry everything you need, without the added bulk.

Created with smooth and textured pineapple leather, it features a compartment for your laptop, a special pocket for your phone, a ribbon for keeping unfolded papers, and additional room for cables or any other accessories you need to carry.

To give you ultimate flexibility, the laptop can be inserted in one of two ways. The first is the traditional envelopeway and, for busy days where you need to pack up and go, you can also insert the laptop laterally.  

Pineapple vegan leather: Sourced as a byproduct of existing agriculture practices, this natural textile is made from pineapple leaves that would have otherwise gone to waste. Along with being sustainably sourced and cruelty-free, it creates a much-needed additional income stream for farming communities.

  • Made from Pineapple Leather
  • From 11 to 18 inches screen size
  • Special pocket for your phone
  • Papers ribbon 
Sale price€150,25 EUR Regular price€180,50 EUR
Vegan Brown Laptop Sleeve
Vegan Brown Laptop Sleeve Sale price€150,25 EUR Regular price€180,50 EUR